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The Story of Pegasus

Discover the journey of Pegasus founders, Jen and Sam, from their backgrounds to the creation of Pegasus, a platform revolutionizing event management in the equestrian world.

What It’s Like Being a Global Equestrian Photographer

Explore the world of global equestrian photography with Morgan Froment, as he shares his experiences, challenges, and triumphs in capturing the essence of the equestrian community. Discover the evolution of the sport and the impact of social media on photography.

Let’s Start 2024 with Our First-Ever Compilation Podcast

Start 2024 with The Pegasus Podcast’s first compilation episode featuring highlights from 2023. Listen to industry experts share insights on entering the U.S. market, challenges in the Western world, and more. Subscribe on LinkedIn for future episodes.

We Have a Special Holiday Podcast for You

Discover a special holiday podcast where the roles are reversed, with Pegasus being interviewed by the Foundation for Western Professionals. Learn about founding Pegasus and more in this festive episode.

Why Do Grooms Get Treated the Way They Do?

Discover why grooms are often mistreated in the equestrian industry and how organizations like the BGA and IGA are advocating for better working conditions. Explore Lucy Katan’s impactful career journey.


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