🤠 The Business of Western Horse Sports


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Like you, we’ve always wondered, did Yellowstone cause any growth in Western events?

What can the Western world learn from the English world (and vis versa) and are Western events making a profit (or just breaking even)?

All of these questions, among many more, are answered by our latest podcast guests.

Brian Dygert and Jody Brainard are the hosts of The Cowboy Office, a podcast on maturing the Western horse industry.

Both have combined experience of almost a century in Western horse sports and between them are multiple world championships in different Western disciplines.

You can now listen to our conversation on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Be sure to follow The Pegasus Podcast’s official Instagram and TikTok for new episode updates and highlights from each show. We’re coming out with content there soon!


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