How is the equestrian retail market changing? It’s not what you think…


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Have you noticed that the equestrian industry is more “boots on the ground” than most other industries you hear about?

Hearing the word “industry” itself might allude to an office building in the downtowns of London or Barcelona.

Yet in our industry, most jobs you know of aren’t in offices, they’re in stables or tack shops.

Leonie Peacock has a clear view of this as the founder and head of Kick On Recruitment, a recruiting agency specializing in hiring sales reps for equestrian brands in the UK.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why a white collar career path isn’t prevalent in equestrian.

  • How British equestrian brands believe sales reps are more effective than selling or marketing online.

  • The fact that there aren’t any good horse TV shows for kids.

  • Whether or not it’s possible to be an equestrian sales rep if you’re not a horse person.

  • And more.

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