Mare-y Christmas to the Greatest Fans in the World 🌎🧑‍🎄

Hey there partner,

Wishing you a very mare-y Christmas and happy holidays to you and your loved ones. We hope that you’re spending this time as quality time and that your horses are getting some much-deserved peppermints.

As a Christmas present for you, we’ve assembled a list of the top-performing, fan-favorite Pegasus Podcast episodes and Oxer editions.

🎙️🎧 Top 3 Pegasus Podcast Episodes

Revolutionizing Equine Health: A Deep Dive into Nutrition and the Equestrian Industry

Mary Hartman and Olivia Sobczak of StableFeed on making horses around America healthier.

Listen on any platform.


The Future and Business of Western Horse Sports

Brian Dygert and Jody Brainard from The Cowboy Office tell us how the Western world needs to change for its survival.

Listen on any platform.

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Why Grooms Need Someone Advocating for Them

Lucy Katan, the founder of three major orgs like the BGA, on why inequities still exist for grooms around the world.

Listen on any platform.

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🧑‍💻📰 Top 3 Oxer Editions

Where Does the Money in Britain’s $9.8 Billion Equestrian Industry Go?

Analyzing insights told to us by Claire Williams, Executive Director of BETA.

Listen on any platform.


3 Business Lessons We Learned From this Olympian Equestrian

How equestrian athletes can get the Nikes of the world to sponsor them.

Listen on any platform.


Equestrians Don’t Take Physical Fitness Seriously Enough

Why entrepreneurship is Ifa Simmonds’s answer to the problem.

Listen on any platform.



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