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  • Horse Sport Ireland: See their Annual Report.

  • Local horse shows: The equestrian industry needs to bring them back.

  • Equestrian Tasmania: An equine transportation ban following a fatal incident.

  • California Horse Power Coalition: Supporting Cali’s multi-billion $ horse industry.

  • Chinese Grand Prix. The country’s horse industry is exploding.


British Equestrian is working with Access Sport, a national charity driving inclusion in community sport, on a review of the Accessibility Mark, an industry quality scheme for equestrian centers delivering riding sessions for disabled adults and children. The purpose of the project is to make inclusion the norm in community sport.

It’s the golden era for Ireland’s horse sport industry. Horse Sport Ireland, a non-profit organization whose income is spent on initiatives to promote the development of their sport horse industry, secured grants and support for its affiliates totaling more than $2 million. The funding goes to their breeding and production, coaching and education, high-level sport, as well as their own marketing department.

Take a look at Horse Sport Ireland’s 2021 Annual Report for interesting facts and numbers about their equestrian industry.


Let’s bring back our local shows

The increase in multi-month horse show circuits and subsequent loss of local horse shows is damaging to surrounding communities both economically and socially. We support this case for the return of small, local shows.

Before the advent of multi-month destination competitions, travelling to local and regional horse shows on weekends was the backbone of equestrian sport in the United States. Local show circuits are not only beneficial to horses and riders but also important in preserving our connection to the land.

Armand Leone Jr.

Equine industry leaders and stakeholders across California just announced the launch of the California Horse Power Coalition (CHPC). The new coalition’s mission is to preserve and protect California’s vibrant equestrian culture by bringing together equine industry leaders, workers, families and fans of the sport to illustrate its significant benefits.

☀️🐎Fun fact: Did you know that there are over 77,000 workers employed by California’s horse racing industry?


Employment! You’re probably well-aware that there is a staffing crisis in the equestrian industry. Now, the governing bodies are supporting the push for good employment practices.

China has entered the group chat. Check out the Chinese Young Horse Grand Prix. The development of the equestrian market is enormous in China.

Emma, the late Queen’s favorite riding Fell Pony, wins Horse of a Lifetime Award.


Humane groups are celebrating Congress’ pivotal move to end the cruelty of horse soring.

After a fatal incident that affected the lives of 16 polo ponies traveling between Tasmania and the mainland of Australia, the government banned horse transportation, sending the Tasmanian equestrian industry into a panic.

Helmet Rechberger, the chairman of Equestrian Tasmania, welcomed the decision to restart livestock transport because “the impact of the ban continuing indefinitely would have been felt across all aspects of the equine sector.”

Researchers have used artificial intelligence to identify lameness in horses and pinpoint the affected limb based on analysis of cellphone videos.



👑 We love seeing celebrities out riding. Did you know that these 17 famous women are actually Ultimate Horse Girls?

🚜 Speaking of celebrities, Terry Bradshaw’s epic 744-acre equestrian ranch can be yours for a casual $22.5M.

🎅 The holidays are coming up and you’re probably curating your horse’s your wish list. Have you checked out American Stalls‘ dreamy luxury stabling?

🤩 We’re impressed with the swoon-worthy, horse-first facility that is TerraNova Equestrian Center in Sarasota, Florida.

🤠 Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser, aka Rip Wheeler, made a special appearance at the Zoetis booth during the AAEP 68th Annual Convention & Trade Show.

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