This Is Why Grooms Need Someone to Advocate for Them


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Why is it that grooms are treated differently from their riding and owning peers?

Most would say that grooms are of vital importance for running a show, yet grooms around the world aren’t treated as fairly as they should be.

From not having potable water to sharing accommodations with strangers, we explore what the matter is on our latest podcast with Lucy Katan.

Lucy Katan is the founder of three major organizations in equestrian: the British Grooms Association (BGA)the Equestrian Employers Association (EEA), and most recently the International Grooms Association (IGA, along with her cofounder Courtney Carson, who we also interviewed on our podcast).

Her organizations are at the forefront of fighting on behalf of grooms for their well-being so that more grooms can have access to the basics and that employers know how they can better support their groom employees.

Drawing from Lucy’s wealth of experience and unwavering commitment, we explore the efforts of the BGA and IGA in advocating for the rights and improved working conditions for grooms. 

We also shed light on the complex dynamics of the employer-groom relationship, underscoring the impact of these dynamics on employment rights and regulations within the horse grooming profession.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The stark contrast between the VIP treatment received by riders and the harsh realities faced by grooms.

  • Why 55% of grooms in the UK don’t have a written contract.

  • The obstacles encountered when reporting the abuse of grooms.

  • And more.

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