What Is It Like to Do PR for Horse Shows?


Happy Monday partner,

Tori Bilas handles press and communications for Desert International Horse Park and has her own boutique PR firm. 

On the show, Tori casts light on the freelance side of this specialized industry, discussing the growing demand for content creation, social media management, and video production, while also highlighting the underlying challenges, including constant travel and the risk of burnout.

We then chart the transformation of horse parks, focusing on Desert Horse Park and Traverse City. We discuss how these facilities have become prime destinations, the fierce competition between horse shows, and how competitor experience can make all the difference.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The potential and pitfalls of remote work in the horse show industry. 

  • The trade-off between family life and horse show life.

  • The potential for more horse parks on the West Coast

  • And more.

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